Love in the City: The If List

Hey, everyone! I hope you’re having a great day! I’m just dropping in to let you in on the greatest invention ever! It’s this new website called The If List

The If List, also known as The Imagine Film List, is a website designed for movie and casting ideas, and my Love in the City series is now listed on the site! Essentially, it’s a place where you, the fans, can cast your ideas for the characters if the series was ever made into a movie or a TV show! I also think this site is an awesome way to get more books into the entertainment industry and onto the big screen or your TV screen at home. Producers and casting directors could visit The If List and check out what people want to see turned into movies and TV shows, and who they’d like as the cast. The If List is the perfect place to voice your opinion on what you want to see in movie theaters or on TV and who you’d like as the cast!

So, if you’re like me when you read and imagine certain actors or actresses playing the characters, please check out the website, support the Love in the City page and cast your own Love in the City gang by clicking here! I’d love to see your casting ideas for Ellyson and Carter as well as Maverick and Harper and the rest of the gang! Thank you so much for all your love and support with the series! I know a lot of you have said the books read like an episode of Friends, and I absolutely love hearing that! Now, you have the chance to cast the gang and, who knows, maybe it will hit the screen someday all because of you and The If List!  

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