Infant Loss

With a subject like infant loss, maybe I should have put a warning on Challenged By You, but I’m going to tell you why I didn’t. I wanted to make you feel. And not just the swoony, happy, lovely feels that come with romance books, but the absolute messy, ugly sobbing feels that come with reality. I wanted to write about a loss that so many people experience. I didn’t want readers turning away from Paige and Drake’s story simply because it was uncomfortable and terrifying. I haven’t personally lost a child, but I know several people who have, and I honestly wanted to give them characters they could relate to. Paige and Drake, along with their group supporting characters, are for all those women and men whose angel babies are watching over them. Infant loss happens every day and the grief never goes away. But just because it’s a fear that every parent experiences doesn’t mean it should be avoided. Every parent should be able to grieve openly, every angel baby should be remembered. Thank you for giving Paige and Drake’s story a chance, for sharing their pain and fears, and grieving with them. Several readers have messaged me, sharing their own personal loss with me, sharing their pain and their grief, and thanking me for Paige and Drake’s story.

For all of you with angel babies, I’m so deeply sorry for your loss. May your family and friends, coworkers and colleagues, acquaintances and any strangers understand and respect your grief.