Challenged By You


Paige Abram never faces a problem she can’t solve until her high school sweetheart comes back into her life, and she’s bombarded with memories of their relationship. His presence is almost suffocating, but he’s still just as beautiful as she remembers.

His heart beat differently after its first love.

The moment Drake Wilkins sees her again, the numbness he’s felt since he walked away disappears. But she’s not the same girl he fell in love with back then. She’s colder, not as easy going; she’s a complete stranger now.

Her heart nearly quit after its first loss.

When a funeral has them returning to their hometown, a secret she’s kept from him all these years is revealed. She expects him to push her away but he doesn’t; he tests her just like when they were kids.

Their hearts resuscitate, but in the city, their love will face its biggest challenge of all: survival.


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I do need to mention, that this isn’t a story that I would recommend reading in public. There were multiple instances where my emotions were just out of control and I became just a sniffling mess. The way Steph Nuss was able to portray both Paige and Drake’s emotions was remarkable and this is one of the reasons I keep coming back for more.Liezel’s Book Blog

Nuss did a tremendous job of balancing the worlds between fact and fiction in one of the most heartfelt and emotionally gripping reads that has ever graced my reading device.Hooker Heels Book Blog

I was happily going along reading this book then BOOM I’m smacked in the face with sorrow and an ugly crying mess!Robyn at Reflections of a Book Geek

Excuse me while I go drown myself in a bottle of wine and exploit all the kleenex boxes in my house.Alphas Do It Better Book Blog

OMG! By far my FAVORITE! I loved the whole series, but this one….this one hands down blew me away!  – Everything Marie