Cherished By You


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“Move in with me,” he said. 

Being cherished is how Tessa Wilder always imagined falling in love. But for years, she’s always gone for the wrong guys. Now that she’s fallen for one of the good ones, she fears rejection.

“I can’t,” she replied.

Justin Jameson quit looking for a woman after being used so many times for his brains. A bit of an introvert and completely oblivious to women’s advances, he can’t even see that his friend cherishes everything about him.

When Tessa needs a place to stay, Justin’s the first to offer her a room. Hearts are opened; feelings are ventured. They’ll finally know what it’s like to be cherished in the city until one moment threatens the relationship they’ve built.

“I can’t lose you.”

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This series has gotten under my skin, every book has been had me submerged from beginning to end. I completed this one in one day, fortunately, it was a day that I could dedicate to the book because I think I would have been very distracted if I had needed to complete anything else.Floating Cloud of Books

Cherished By You is a story of friendship, love, life and healing. A story that is buoyant and satisfying, one I am happy to have read. Steph Nuss’ writing is well paced and engaging, allowing the reader to fall into a story that passes quickly and beautifully.readingteeners 

Bravo!!! Another amazing book from this incredible series. Justin and Tessa’s story is not only steamy but the level of love and respect this two show for each other is admirable. Bookaholic and More Blog

Cherished by You was another excellent addition to the Love in the City series, this is one I’ll read again and again just to experience Justin and Tess’ evolution.Kindle Customer

Honestly as much as I love Elly and Carter, Tessa and Justin took the spot as my favorite couple, and favorite book in this series thus far.Romance Rewind Blog

6 thoughts on “Cherished By You

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  2. Hi Steph,

    I read all the first 4 books of Love in the City series, could you please advise when the rest of the books will be out.



    • Hey, Marie! Thank you so much for reading my books. I really appreciate it! I’m currently working on book 5, and hoping to have the series finished by next year (sooner depending on how fast I can get them done). I do work full time on top of writing, so that cuts into some of my writing time, but I’ve been able to write two books a year so far. So, I’m hoping to have 5 and 6 out this year and book 7 out by the beginning of 2017 (like I said, hopefully sooner though). I’m very excited to share the rest of the series with my readers! I have lots more to share from the Love in the City gang! 🙂 Happy reading!

  3. Thank you so much for your books. I am in awe of how you are able to make your characters so moving and real. I am so thrilled to know that the series is not over and I can’t wait for the next books. I usually don’t post on authors’ pages but your books are worth it. Plus to know that you have a full-time job as an author + your regular job is really impressive. You make us believe that if we really want Something then it can happen, so thank you for that.
    Hope to read Book 5 soon 😉
    Thank you again (sorry for the mistakes, I’m French….)

    • Morgann, thank you so much for the wonderful words! I’m so thrilled you’re loving my Love in the City gang! I promise I have so many more stories to share with them! When I have a release date for the fifth book, I will definitely let everyone know by posting it here on my website as well as on all my social media sites! ❤️

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