Big Brothers Big Sisters/Support Our Troops

In the third book of the Love in the City series, Pleasured By You, both Bayler and Fletcher are Bigs in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. Bayler entered the program because she grew up with two siblings who helped build her character, who are still constants in her life and always supportive of her, and she wanted to be that support for a Little. Fletcher was entered into the program as a Little after losing his parents at a young age. After acting out in school, his grandparents entered him in the program in hope that a sibling figure could help him through his grief and give him some guidance. He ended up becoming a Big himself later on in life to be that guidance to a boy named, Rook, who lost his dad during the war in Iraq.


The cover for Pleasured By You is yellow for two reasons. Yellow represents the color of hope. The Big Brothers Big Sisters program focuses on helping children build their futures. It is an organization that has hope for all children by nurturing them and helping them strive for success lives. Yellow is also the symbol of support for military forces. Since Rook’s father died while serving our country, I wanted to incorporate support for our troops into the color of the cover for Pleasured By You as well as hope for our youths.


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