About Steph


  • Food: American, Chicken strips and fries
  • Snack: Willy Wonka Shockers
  • Dessert: Ice cream cake
  • Drink: Water, White Cherry Powerade, Whiskey sours
  • Color: Black
  • Book: The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger
  • Movie: The Breakfast Club
  • TV Show: Friends
  • Song: “Beautiful” by Eminem
  • Hobby: Reading
  • Sport: Basketball, Tennis
  • Motto/Quote: “Only dreams come to sleepers”

A few things about me…

  • I’m an avid reader, and was very active in the reading program during my years in 4-H. I prefer hard copies over ecopies, but both my physical library and my Kindle library are continuously growing.
  • I collect a lot of movies, and I incorporate movie quotes into conversations. I also favor the TV shows: Grey’s Anatomy, Revenge, Shameless, Scandal, New Girl, Sex and the City, Friends, The Office and The Big Bang Theory. I’m also really into Cold Case Files and Dateline or anything murder-related.
  • I have a huge fear of pregnancy, and it started when I was a freshman in high school when we were forced to watch a live birth video during health class and I passed out. Even listening to women tell stories of their pregnancies makes me anxious. I’ve even inquired about voluntarily tying my tubes. My doctor told me no.
  • I’m a big Kansas Jayhawks basketball fan. Rock Chalk Jayhawk, Go KU!
  • I’m full of sarcasm and bluntly honest about most things.
  • I have a tattoo on my left shoulder blade of a cross, heart, and peace sign all interlinked together (faith, love, and peace).
  • I can socialize with anybody, but I have my introverted moments where I need to recharge and be alone.
  • My fifteen minutes of fame came the day I was born. I was the first baby of harvest. In Kansas, that’s a big deal.
  • My dog is the love of my life. He is the sweetest:

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