GIVEAWAY: Shaded With Love Birthday Fun

As most of you know by now, June 18th is a big day for us here! Not only is it the day I came into the world, but it’s also the day E L James decided Christian Grey would be born, too! Fun, right? I absolutely love sharing a birthday with our favorite, twitchy-palmed book boyfriend, and as such, I’ve put together a fun giveaway to celebrate our birthdays!

One lucky commenter on this post will win a copy of the adult coloring book, Shaded With Love Volume 2, and a set of colored pencils! All you have to do is comment below with a memory from your childhood! Who else colored those color-by-number pages growing? *raises hand* Did anyone else feel like a rebel when coloring with a different color than suggested? *raises hand*

My awesome Love in the City themed page in Shaded With Love Volume 2:

Good Luck!

Thank you so much for following me and my writing career, and subscribing to my website. Your loyalty and support mean the most. Please feel free to share this post with your book friends! I also have some giveaways going on in my Nuss Navy group on Facebook, so be sure to join in on the fun over there, too!

Happy Fun Day Sunday! I’m off to consume ice cream cake for all of my meals today!



21 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY: Shaded With Love Birthday Fun

  1. My favorite memories all include when we went camping. My grandpa would teach me to fish while my grandma would always just finally relax. My siblings and I had so much fun.
    Thanks for the chance
    Happy Birthday!!

  2. Good MORNING Happy Birthday!! One of my favorite memories, and half the time I can’t tell if it’s a memory or I’ve just heard the story so many times, but I remember going to go pick up my little sister from the lawyers office….we were both adopted at birth, and we’d received a phone call she was there and we could come pick her up, it was in the evening…she’d been born that morning….My parents put some honey nut cheerios is an orange tupperware and put me in the back of the car…..when we got there I remember being SO excited to see my sissy that I got to hold her first….they sat me on the couch and handed her to me 🙂

  3. Child hood memory hmm… so many but the best would be when I was surprised by my dad with a trip to Disney World.. him and I for a 3 day getaway!

  4. My favorite memories were going on vacation with my Aunt and Uncle. They would spoil me and take me with them to the beach during the summer. My uncle has since passed away and my Aunt is quite ill but these memories will always remain with me.

  5. My dad was in the army so we traveled a lot. My favorite memories are living in Germany and the different trips and vacations we took. But every day was something new anyway. Learning new cultures, learning different languages, making new friends.

  6. Every summer I went to my favorite aunt’s. We did everything together plus she worked at abc studios so I got to be on the studio lot the whole summer.

  7. Hi Steph! I always loved coloring. When I was a kid I colored all the time. I never use the suggested color. As an Adult I love the new craze! I already started a coloring book collection. Thank you

  8. I would have to say one of my favorite things was staying half the summer with my grandparents on their farm.

  9. I loved puzzles & coloring. One of my favorite things was the connect the dots coloring books, the more difficult the better, I would spend hours on them. Those were awesome.

  10. I almost failed kindergarten because i refused to use the right color or color in the lines. When they told my mom I’d have to repeat it, she stated “no, she’s not stupid she’s just expressing her artistic sense!” I think I was just being a brat!!!

  11. I would go to my grandmother’s and she’s always make me hot chocolate on the stove. She’d heat the milk and pour in the packet. It was one of the few ‘loving’ things she did as she wasn’t a hugger or super sweet grandma.

  12. My mom and I used to spend weekday afternoons in the summer at pizza hut once in a while. We’d each bring a book to read and the wait staff would give me quarters to play the jukebox! One of my favorite childhood memories!

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